Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God's Image

Freyashawk: There is this claim that 'Man was created in God's image'. What do you say to that?

God: Well, it is absurd, of course. I am not human. I have no gender, no species, no limitations in fact. You can't squeeze God into a box and expect it to contain the entirety of what I am, because I am infinite.

Freyashawk: So you are neither male nor female.

God: Of course not. I can, however, assume any form I desire, but although I sometimes enjoyed parlour tricks of that sort, over the centuries they have lost some of their attraction.

God's Disclaimer

God told me: You know, I should have thought of this centuries ago when other humans buttonholed me to ask my opinion of things, but I suppose my mind was on larger concerns. Knowing now, however, what havoc has been wrought by people who put together books that they claim represent 'the Word of God', I am going to ask you to agree to this declaimer, to the effect that NOTHING imputed to God in the course of these conversations or dialogues shall be defined now or ever as 'the Word of God'.

For a start, my thoughts can't possibly be limited or restricted by words which are an invention of human beings. I don't think in any language and whenever I speak to any species, I am forced to restrict myself absurdly in order to be understood. It is as accurate, moreover, to describe my conversations with a cat as the 'Word of God' as any conversations with any human being.

Now that we've cleared up that little area of possible misinterpretation, we can begin properly.

I'd like you to make a declaration here, Freyashawk. Why are you embarking upon this project now?

Freyashawk: Shall I address you with any honorific or simply as God?

God: God is fine. You could put together any combination of letters, numbers or sounds and it would be fine. As English is your mother tongue and God is short and to the point, I would go with God.

Freyashawk: Indeed, let us all 'Go with God'. In fact, that is one of the topics I would like to explore later. (The topic of Good Manners) To answer your question, though, I am doing this primarily for my Mother. She doesn't have time to talk to you, but I know she is very concerned with matters philosophical and spiritual. She simply is too busy with her social circle to take time off for this stuff.

God: Ah. Well, I don't blame her, you know. Prayer is one of those human inventions and it does serve a purpose but there are other actions that can fulfill the same function.